Electron vs nwjs

I have recently been digging into Electron and nwjs as options for deploying a web application to desktop computers as an installable binary. While both are similar technologies utilizing Node.js and Chromium, I have noticed some subtle differences that affect my development workflow (beyond just purely technical differences). UPDATE: I wrote a follow-up to this…

Developer Relations: A Year in Numbers

It’s official: I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile to reflect my recent move into Sencha’s engineering team! I have spent the past 14 months as Developer Relations Manager for Sencha — and while it was an amazing position, affording me many opportunities for both personal and career growth, I realized that “developer relations” (or “evangelism”, or…

Scalable Bug Fixes in Ext JS and Sencha Touch

If you’re an Ext JS or Sencha Touch developer, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Ext.define(). It is the cornerstone of both frameworks, enabling developers to define classes and overrides per the Sencha class system convention.

Many great articles have already been written about creating overrides, but there’s a few key pieces of information I typically see missing — particularly as this advice relates to patches and bug fixes.

5 Things I Learned About Working From Home

It’s hard for me to believe that Sencha hired me four years ago this week. Joining Sencha is maybe the best professional decision I ever made — but beyond the awesome parts of working for an extraordinary tech company, this anniversary also represents four full years that I have been working remotely.

As many remote employees will attest, working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. It certainly sounds like the ideal scenario (especially for a developer), but the day-to-day reality is that not everyone enjoys (or can handle) being a remote employee.

Over the past four years I’ve come to realize a few things about working from home. I would absolutely make this decision again — but the journey to work-from-home-zen hasn’t been entirely smooth.