Thoughts on the npm fiasco

If you haven’t already heard, there was big news in the world of JavaScript this week: someone unpublished a small npm package and broke the internet. Although that statement is clearly a gross over-simplification (and exaggeration), the event has raised some very serious question about how “modern” web applications are being architected. Before I dive…

A Fresh Start in 2016: Moving on from Sencha

It is with bittersweet emotion that I must announce today was my last day with Sencha.

But as the saying goes, “nothing lasts forever” — and I have been given an incredible opportunity to build some cutting-edge software outside of the Sencha ecosystem. I am sad to be leaving behind many people whom I love and respect, and I wanted to step back for a moment and reflect on my journey.

Public Speaking with Tourette’s

I was first diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome as a child, somewhere around the age of 11 (20+ years ago). I don’t view Tourette’s as a disability per se, but I have spent the majority of my life coping with my symptoms to avoid terribly awkward (and frequently embarrassing) social situations.

I recently made the life decision to stop taking medication to control my symptoms — a difficult and frightening decision for anyone in a position such as mine. In doing so I have now become even more acutely aware of my speech patterns and motor tics, and it occurred to me that the techniques I have used over the years to disguise/mitigate/hide my symptoms are exactly some of the same techniques I have been using to become a better public speaker.

I hope that by sharing my story, more people will build up the courage to begin public speaking — whether that be in their offices and meetings, or at larger events like technology meetups and conferences.

Better Business Communication

I am now a few weeks into my business management course, and it continues to be a great growth experience for me (both personally and professionally). This past week we covered “Better Business Communication” — and it’s no wonder why so many companies struggle to remain productive and profitable. There was a ton of awesome…

Thoughts on Leadership

Last week I started a professional development course at my alma mater, Loyola University Chicago, called the Business Edge Management Certificate as part of the Quinlan School of Business. As I have tried to describe to people, it’s basically a really condensed MBA-style program… not anywhere near as robust or intensive as a full MBA…