6 Things to Love about ThatConference

I literally just got back from the 5th annual ThatConference and I cannot wait for next year!

But first, let me back up and give some context. This year’s conference marks the 4th year I have been fortunate enough to attend — in fact, I only missed the 2014 conference because my youngest child was born right around the same time. I have been chosen as a speaker 3 of those 4 years (including this year), and one of the years I convinced my then-company Sencha to sponsor. I have written about how great ThatConference is before, and honestly I wish I had the bandwidth to be more involved.

In short, I can’t speak more highly of any event than ThatConference. My family and I look forward to the event every year, and I genuinely hope it’s a tradition that we can continue for many years to come!

Introducing JavaScript Courses and Mentoring

When I first started aKa Web Design as my freelance consulting business years ago, I was initially focused on building websites for local small businesses. Over time my focus shifted towards building web and mobile applications (primarily using JavaScript) — and I have found enormous success as a one-man-operation.

More recently I have found myself wondering if I should continue to diversify my service offerings. I love writing code (and will certainly continue to do so), but I also love the process of teaching my customers better ways to do things. Coupled with the vast number of presentations I’ve given on software development, it only seems natural that I start to specifically offer one-on-one instruction and general mentorship.

LinkedIn and Data Security

By now just about anyone who follows the news and/or social media has heard that LinkedIn was hacked back in 2012 and that the stolen data was recently exposed online. More than 100 million (some reports top 160 million) accounts were part of the data breach.

Sadly this is just another sign of the times in 2016. And many, many smarter people than I have written ad nauseum on this subject.

Having said that, we should collectively be outraged at the way in which LinkedIn has handled this debacle. Their response is beyond unacceptable, and I’d like to explore a few thoughts on the subject.