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Stuart Scott: Lessons of Leadership

I was watching ESPN while running on the treadmill at the gym today and a segment came on remembering former ESPN anchor Stuart Scott.

In 2014 the ESPN Anchor was awarded the Jimmy V Perseverance ESPY Award named after the legendary college basketball coach, Jim Valvano, who died of cancer in 1993. Stuart’s emotional and highly courageous acceptance speech brought the ESPY audience to its feet by speaking with eloquent candor about his life struggle with battling cancer.

As I watched the video again today, it struck me that many lessons about leadership can be drawn from his speech.

Leadership: Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout

I can’t say that I remember much, if anything, from the speeches given to my graduating classes in high school or college. I’ve attended dozens of other graduation ceremonies for my friends and relatives — and I still can’t say that I remember anything particularly interesting about the speakers or what they said.

A friend of mine recently shared a video that instantly made a tremendous impact on me — a speech given by Rick Rigsby to California State University in 2017.

Thoughts on Leadership

Last week I started a professional development course at my alma mater, Loyola University Chicago, called the Business Edge Management Certificate as part of the Quinlan School of Business. As I have tried to describe to people, it’s basically a really condensed MBA-style program… not anywhere near as robust or intensive as a full MBA…