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Using MobX with React

I recently volunteered to speak about MobX at the Chicago React Meetup, and I decided to write this post to help organize my own thoughts as well as promote its content to a greater React/JavaScript audience.

MobX has been an incredible cornerstone for several of my team’s applications, and I would highly recommend everyone give it spin. For us it has made managing application state a breeze, and our code is incredibly clean and concise.

A Fond Farewell to Sencha

A few days ago, Sencha announced it had been purchased by IDERA Inc. There are tens of thousands of Sencha developers that have written millions of lines of code that are probably sad to have read this — and for me personally, it’s a bittersweet ending that stirs a lot of emotions.

When you’re a part of a company and a community (dare I say a “family”) for long enough, you eventually see some warts. You eventually disagree with decisions. But you’ll never forget the people who made it fun going to work every morning.

I wish a fond and final farewell to Sencha and Ext JS — I am genuinely sad to see an old friend go. You played a significant role in shaping my past, and I look forward to a brighter future with the people who made it all special.

Introducing JavaScript Courses and Mentoring

When I first started aKa Web Design as my freelance consulting business years ago, I was initially focused on building websites for local small businesses. Over time my focus shifted towards building web and mobile applications (primarily using JavaScript) — and I have found enormous success as a one-man-operation.

More recently I have found myself wondering if I should continue to diversify my service offerings. I love writing code (and will certainly continue to do so), but I also love the process of teaching my customers better ways to do things. Coupled with the vast number of presentations I’ve given on software development, it only seems natural that I start to specifically offer one-on-one instruction and general mentorship.

Thoughts on the npm fiasco

If you haven’t already heard, there was big news in the world of JavaScript this week: someone unpublished a small npm package and broke the internet. Although that statement is clearly a gross over-simplification (and exaggeration), the event has raised some very serious question about how “modern” web applications are being architected. Before I dive…