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Packt Publishing reaches 1000 books

Over the past few years, I’ve done a number of book reviews on this blog. More than a handful of those have been for Packt Publishing… and I have just found out that they reached 1000 books in their catalog!

I have always encouraged developers to read books as a means to further education. Packt Publishing has a pretty good selection of books for all developer levels and subjects, so I will certainly recommend you check out their current promotion.

Book Review: The Node Beginner Book

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 was to learn more Node.js… so I did a bit of Googling for good beginner’s resources, and I stumbled across The Node Beginner Book by Manuel Kiessling.

Considering the book’s title, I think the content is spot-on. Developers who are looking for an introduction to Node.js will find this book to be easy to understand, full of useful examples that are expanded in each chapter, and generally enlightening.

Book Review: Sencha Touch Mobile JavaScript Framework

For many web developers, JavaScript seems like a magical language that simply modifies an existing page built with HTML and CSS. Sencha Touch (much like ExtJS) approaches web development from an entirely different angle – developers create an application by almost exclusively writing JavaScript, and the framework handles most of the HTML and CSS for you.

Sencha Touch Mobile JavaScript Framework is a wonderful starting point for web developers looking to make the jump into highly interactive mobile web applications.

Book Review: The Ultimate History of Video Games

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Pong lately. In fact, this is the most attention I’ve given to this game since I was 5 when I owned an Atari 2600.

As I continue to work on my open source mobile Pong game, I find myself reading very detailed accounts of how the original game worked so that I can build an accurate (yet updated) replica.

The author, Steven Kent, did some serious homework for this book (which was printed in 2001). His chapters are well organized and fascinating to read – and I’m not even a hardcore gamer.