I am a strong advocate for community — sometimes I speak at developer conferences, host technical webinars, or attend other community events.

People often ask me how I got started as a public speaker. I’ve written about my experiences as a public speaker quite a bit, but here are a few of my favorite pieces:

I even have my own checklist to help me prepare.


Conferences, Webinars, Etc.

Here’s a shortlist of larger events in which I’ve been involved:


9/27/2017 React Chicago Meetup
MobX & React
8/8/2017 ThatConference 2016 (WI Dells, WI)
Cybersecurity: It’s Kind of a Big Deal
4/29/2017 Chicago Code Camp:
Cybersecurity: It’s Kind of a Big Deal


8/8/2016 ThatConference 2016 (WI Dells, WI)
ReactJS for Beginners
4/30/2016 Chicago Code Camp:
ReactJS for Beginners


10/6/2015 Sencha Webinar:
Accelerating Web Application Debugging and Theming with Sencha Inspector
9/17/2015 SenchaCon 2015 Roadshow (Chicago, IL)
4/18/2015 Chicago Code Camp
Debugging your Apps with Google Chrome
4/9/2015 SenchaCon 2015 (Santa Clara, CA)
3/3/2015 SDTimes Webinar:
Key Trends in Building Enterprise Applications with HTML5
1/22/2015 Sencha Webinar:
Best Practices for Building HTML5 Applications


12/11/2014 Code Mentor
Ext JS 101: Building Apps for Multiple Platforms
12/09/2014 Sencha Webinar
Sencha Space: Beyond Native Packaging
10/14/2014 Sencha Webinar
Analyzing the ROI of JavaScript in Enterprise Software Development
7/22/2014 Milwaukee JS Meetup
Debugging your Apps with Google Chrome and Sencha
5/21/2014 Sencha Webinar
Application Architecture in Ext JS 5: MVC, MVVM and more!
5/3/2014 Mobile Camp Chicago
Building Mobile Apps with HTML5
4/30/2014 Sencha Webinar
Are You Ready for Ext JS 5?
4/26/2014 Chicago Code Camp
Conquering the Command Line
2/18/2014 Microsoft Channel 9
Getting Started with Windows Azure for Sencha Touch
1/8/2014 Cloud Cover: Episode 126
Using Sencha With Windows Azure Mobile Services


11/14/2013 Sencha Webinar
Best Practices for Enterprise JavaScript Apps
08/12/2013 ThatConference 2013 (WI Dells, WI)
Building Native Windows 8 Apps with Sencha
07/16/2013 SenchaCon 2013 (Orlando, FL)
Creating Windows 8 Apps with Ext JS
06/25/2013 Milwaukee JS Meetup
Intro to Sencha Touch
04/27/2013 Chicago Code Camp
End-to-End Unit Testing for Web Developers
01/31/2013 Sencha Webinar
Building Unit Tests for Sencha Apps


11/08/2012 FITC Web Unleashed 2012 (Boston, MA)
Hello Sencha: Building Hybrid Mobile Applications with HTML5
09/27/2012 FITC Screens 2012 (Toronto, Canada)
Sencha Touch 101: Mobile Apps Built with HTML5
08/13/2012 ThatConference 2012 (WI Dells, WI)
Your Code Sucks: Best Practices for Enterprise JavaScript Applications


10/24/2011 SenchaCon 2011 (Austin, TX)
Community Code: Touch Forums


meetupI also speak at a variety of smaller events, like software meetups and user groups.

I used to run the Chicago Sencha Meetup Group (2011-2015). Watch my interview with UGTastic!