The nature of my job is that I get to work on lots of different software projects – but the vast majority of them are proprietary, so I can’t say much about those here. I have had the opportunity to build everything from e-commerce platforms to enterprise financial portals to commercial mobile apps.

Open Source Projects

The open source community is very important to me, and several of my projects are available for public use. View my account on GitHub for any open source projects we are currently involved with:

Arthur Kay on GitHub

StackOverflow Notifications — Google Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension that alerts users when they have new notifications from StackOverflow. Built with React!

The following items are things I have contributed to in the past, but I’m no longer actively involved.

LintRoller – The better way to lint JavaScript

For JavaScript and Node.js developers who need a more robust and configurable way to lint their JavaScript.

Sencha Labs: App Inspector for Sencha

A Google Chrome extension that helps Ext JS and Sencha Touch developers intelligently debug their code.

Sencha – JavaScript Coding Guidelines

Sencha Touch Forum Browser

Sencha Touch – Prize Patrol

Ext-Doc: JavaScript Documentation

ExtJS 3.x Unit Tests