2016: New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again… time to reflect on my past New Year’s Resolutions and establish some new ones for the coming year!

Looking back at 2015

Last year I had several goals:

Professional goals:

  1. Broaden my JavaScript skill set.
  2. Focus on some back-end tech.

Personal goals:

  1. Play the guitar 3 days a week.
  2. Run a marathon.
  3. Lower my cholesterol.

So… how’d I do?

Professionally I’d say that I hit my goals relatively well. I spent a lot of time in 2015 doing JavaScript outside of the Sencha ecosystem; I lived in Node.js for literally months, dipped my feet into TypeScript and ES6, and explored a bit of Angular and Ionic. I certainly fell short of learning more traditional “back-end tech” (I did not get an MCSD) — but I did attend a business class and earned a certificate, so I’ll consider “career growth” as a win in this context.

Personally I fell a bit short of my goals. My guitar-playing waxed and waned throughout the year, and I doubt I averaged 3 days per week. I didn’t get anywhere near running a marathon (for like the fourth year in a row…). But I DID manage to marginally lower my cholesterol!

Looking Ahead to 2016

I envision 2016 being an interesting year. I recently started a new job, so much of my professional growth will come with the learning curve in my new position.

Personally, these will be my goals for 2016:

  1. Go offline more often. Over the holidays I realized just how nice it was to be off the computer and off my cell phone; I had nearly forgotten what that felt like. In 2016 I’d like to spend less time on a screen — so when I’m done work for the day, I’ll resolve to put my phone down on the other side of the room.
  2. Blog more. My personal blog has been relatively inactive for the past few years — mainly the result of me being VERY active blogging on other sites. In 2016 I’d like my own blog to become more active, which means I’ll need to hit 17 or more posts.
  3. Continue lowering my cholesterol. Focusing on my health is a top priority, even if I consistently fail to completely change my lifestyle. I can live with the fact that I’ll never be an underwear model, but I need my doctors to stop looking at me with with that look of disappointment.
  4. Run more races. For years now I’ve been trying to work up to a marathon, and while I can make all of the excuses I want the reality is that I don’t have the time to commit to training (also the resolve). In 2016 I think my goal will be to simply run more races, even if they’re only local 5Ks. Let’s set the goal at 5 and see how close I get.

Best Wishes for 2016

Do you have any interested resolutions for the coming year? I’d love to hear about them!

Good luck to you all for sticking to them!


With nearly 20 years of software engineering and operations experience, Arthur Kay offers an extraordinary set of leadership skills and technical expertise to develop meaningful products and high-performing teams. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, VC-funded startups and companies across a wide variety of industries to build cutting-edge software solutions.

Arthur is a successful entrepreneur, technology professional, and mentor. He is a full-time family man, part-time consultant and spare-time musician. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago and currently lives in greater Chicago-land.

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