Creating Windows 8 Apps with Ext JS

In the coming weeks, I’ll be speaking at SenchaCon and ThatConference about building Windows 8 apps using Ext JS. Although these presentations cover the same concepts, their content is slightly different (based upon the target audience of each conference).

Because I don’t expect everyone to have a strong background in either, I thought I would list all of the relevant resources here rather than having 30 links at the end of each slide deck.

Overview (and slides)

Enterprise corporations love Microsoft technology – and with the release of the Surface tablet, Windows 8 is growing more and more attractive as an enterprise development platform. Because Windows 8 allows web developers to use their existing HTML5 skills to create native applications, Ext JS can be utilized to deliver powerful business applications for both desktops and tablets.

The slides for both presentations are linked below. (Will be posted immediately following the presentations)

Sample Apps

The sample app for my presentations is whimsical – a comical poke at Instagram. However, it does underscore the robustness of the Ext JS framework and the ease of developing native apps for the Windows 8 platform.

Ext JS Development

Windows 8 Development

Special Thanks

I owe some special thanks to my friend Clark Sell who has held my hand while learning Windows 8. He has been kind enough to not complain – and I could not have finished my sample apps without him. Thanks buddy!


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