You know you're doing a good job when…

You know you’re doing a good job when you show the CEO the newest feature of your application, and his response is:

Holy shit!!!

Over the past two weeks, my team has been finishing the latest iteration of our software application. This week we have been completing UI testing and I’ve spent most of my days fixing small bugs and planning for the next iteration.

At about 4:00pm today, my boss comes into our office and announces that I have to show the CEO our newest feature. Keep in mind that I’m a software developer, not a sales guy. . . I know all of the technical aspects of our application, but I’m far from the best choice for explaining things in plain English.

Before my boss could finish his sentence, in walks our CEO.

Long story short, I actually did a good job explaining what the feature does and why it’s cool. Our CEO almost fell out of his chair when I showed him the newest feature. Holy Shit!!! is actually a very cool compliment coming from your CEO.


Arthur Kay is a senior software engineer interested in business, technology and leadership. He is a full-time JavaScript enthusiast, part-time mentor and amateur guitarist. He currently lives in greater Chicago-land.

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