2009: New Year’s Resolutions

I’m a firm believer in making a New Year’s resolution. Granted, I’m terrible at actually achieving my goals (see my Weightlifting Blog…), but I try to keep myself motivated and moving forward.

With regards to programming and development, I have two goals for 2008:

  • Redesign my webpage. This will include multiple sub-domains with examples and demos, which I’m hoping will bring in some extra freelance work.
  • Learn Silverlight. I bought a book, and I plan on using it.

I’ll keep my blog updated on the progress I make on these two goals, so stay tuned! I’m hoping to make 2009 even better than 2008!


With nearly 20 years of software engineering and operations experience, Arthur Kay offers an extraordinary set of leadership skills and technical expertise to develop meaningful products and high-performing teams. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, VC-funded startups and companies across a wide variety of industries to build cutting-edge software solutions.

Arthur is a successful entrepreneur, technology professional, and mentor. He is a full-time family man, part-time consultant and spare-time musician. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago and currently lives in greater Chicago-land.

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