iGoogle Profile

So I was fooling around on iGoogle today, and I was prompted to create my own profile… something I’m actually surprised has taken Google this long to do.

I think it’s a nice addition to the Google suite of everything-I-use, but I’m curious to know if Google will soon be replacing my existing Blogger profile with my new iGoogle profile. Actually, I’m wondering how far-reaching Google will end up using this thing… particularly since Google owns Blogger, YouTube, gTalk, Orkut, and god-only-knows how many other social applications.

I’ve got to assume that Google plans on using this profile across every application they develop (they already use OpenID for our logins)… so the question becomes this: “What are my superpowers?”


Arthur Kay is a long-time nerd and JavaScript enthusiast. He lives in the Chicago suburbs and is active in the local web development community.

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