Addicted to Google

My name is Art, and I’m a Google addict. While I’ve known this for quite some time, it’s a bit stunning when you lay it all out to see just how much I do use Google.

I have iGoogle as my homepage. I use the Google search engine to find answers to my questions on (at the least) an hourly basis. I check my Gmail account (one of like 3 email addresses I have) to a fault. I check out my websites’ statistics with Analytics at least once a day. I communicate with colleages using Gtalk. Plus, I’m writing to all of you using Blogger.

In addition to that, a few of my websites use the Google Maps API and the Google search bar. I use Webmaster Tools every now and then, and I rely on the various keyword tools (Suggest, Insights for Search, and Trends) to optimize my websites.

With all of this activity, Google must know a ton about me. Maybe they’re even spying on me right now…

…good thing Google is paying me to display advertisements using AdSense!


Arthur Kay is a senior software engineer interested in business, technology and leadership. He is a full-time JavaScript enthusiast, part-time mentor and amateur guitarist. He currently lives in greater Chicago-land.

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