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I’ve been building websites for the past 10 years. Recently, someone asked me how I keep up with the latest trends and technology — especially since it’s a seemingly impossible task.

My response was that, in addition to other things, I read a lot of blogs. I find that blogs can be extremely informative, especially when they’re written by people (or companies) that I consider important and/or influential.

Here’s a short list of blogs that I read:

Now, you might notice that most of these blogs come from the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft). Why would a web developer need to read these?

The answer has two parts:

  1. Search engines are essential to a website’s survival. If users can’t find your content, why even have a website?
  2. These companies are on the cutting edge of web design… they have to be to keep up with the ever-changing technologies.

Clearly, it’s not an all-inclusive list… but it’s a good start for any beginner.


Arthur Kay is a long-time nerd and JavaScript enthusiast. He lives in the Chicago suburbs and is active in the local web development community.

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