Creating Windows 8 Apps with Ext JS

In the coming weeks, I’ll be speaking at SenchaCon and ThatConference about building Windows 8 apps using Ext JS. Although these presentations cover the same concepts, their content is slightly different (based upon the target audience of each conference).

Because I don’t expect everyone to have a strong background in either, I thought I would list all of the relevant resources here rather than having 30 links at the end of each slide deck.

Sencha Cmd post-build Ant utilities

If you’re using Sencha Cmd for your Ext JS or Sencha Touch application, then you may be somewhat familiar with the build.xml file.

This file is auto-generated by Sencha Cmd when you create a new project and allows you to add all kinds of hooks into the Sencha build process (which runs on top of Ant).

Over the past several months I’ve seen a number of ways in which developers are using their build.xml file to customize their production builds – and I thought I would share one with you today.