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Building Unit Tests for Sencha Apps

Building Unit Tests for Sencha Apps from Sencha on Vimeo. Slides Give Feedback! If you’re interested in building unit tests for web applications, check out my recent webinar for Sencha. The presentation is specifically targeted at Sencha applications, but the … Continue reading

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2013: New Year’s Resolutions

This year marks 5 years (minus one I forgot) that I’ve posted my New Year’s resolutions online. Overall I think this strategy helps to keep me accountable… and generally speaking, I think I’m getting better at hitting these goals. Continue reading

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JavaScript Console API – Browser Differences

Recently I was asked by a client to if using console.log() would be appropriate in enterprise web applications.

Not everyone agrees with me, but my opinion is simple: Production applications should rarely, if ever, use the console API. I don’t think these statements should ever be checked into version control – they clutter your code, and ultimately make debugging more difficult (because you have to ignore console messages unrelated to a given problem).

Additionally, I have seen errors reported in Internet Explorer by the console object – runtime errors that are in effect bugs in your code.

We went on to discuss the console API and how it offers more than just the standard console.log() method. That got me thinking… even though the major browsers seem to support a consistent console API, are there any actual differences in the implementations? Continue reading

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Free Airport WIFI and Chicago Tech

Minneapolis, Boston, San Francisco, Cleveland. What do these four cities have in common?

The airports at these cities all have free WIFI in the terminals. Notice that Chicago is not on the list. Continue reading

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LintRoller v2.2.1

After some additional work over the past few days, I’ve added support for Esprima to LintRoller. At this point, you can run JSLint, JSHint and/or Esprima simultaneously on your entire JavaScript codebase! Version 2.2.1 includes breaking changes (again… sorry), but … Continue reading

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LintRoller 2.1.0 – It now fixes your lint!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve done a lot of work on LintRoller.

I recently added an awesome new feature that I think will help a lot of JavaScript developers! Continue reading

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Using LintRoller with a Git pre-commit hook

Yesterday I released my first Node.js module, LintRoller.

LintRoller can be easily incorporated into any project to validate your syntax during a Git commit operation. I’ve written before about Git pre-commit hooks… so let’s show an example. Continue reading

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LintRoller – Because no one likes lint

A little more than a year ago, I began playing with Phantom.js. It’s an awesome platform for doing a variety of JavaScript-y things… and not long afterwards I created a tool called PhantomLint to automate testing my code against JSLint.

This solution worked well for the past 12 months, but like most developers I wasn’t satisfied with my own work. Continue reading

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First Thoughts on Windows 8, Visual Studio, and ExtJS

As a developer, I have probably 1000 things on my personal list of “things/technologies I need to learn”. One of those items was to build a Windows 8 app using HTML5, and over the past few days I’ve successfully managed to build a crappy sample app!

As Windows 8 is scheduled for release soon, I figure many HTML5 developers have not had the time to download/install the pre-release versions. Before I dive into some specifics of getting an ExtJS app to run natively on Windows 8, I wanted to share some general thoughts. Continue reading

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Packt Publishing reaches 1000 books

Over the past few years, I’ve done a number of book reviews on this blog. More than a handful of those have been for Packt Publishing… and I have just found out that they reached 1000 books in their catalog!

I have always encouraged developers to read books as a means to further education. Packt Publishing has a pretty good selection of books for all developer levels and subjects, so I will certainly recommend you check out their current promotion. Continue reading

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