Free Version of Visual Studio

A little more than 3 months ago I downloaded the 90-day free trial of Microsoft Visual Studio so that I could start fooling around with both .NET and Silverlight. I have to say that I am a big fan of Visual Studio, though I’m certainly not a fan of its high price tag to buy a licensed copy.

Last week, I opened Visual Studio and was warned that my trial would expire in 4 days. I’m not done working on a Silverlight tutorial, so I was a little frightened that VS would kick me out… and I decided to just leave the application open and running.

More than a week later, Visual Studio still hasn’t kicked me out.

Now, since I’m really only using VS to test Silverlight I’m not terribly worried about breaking any user-agreement which might be part of the 90-day trial. Plus, I’m not using it in a corporate environment.

The bottom line is this: Microsoft dropped the ball here. While it happens to work out to my advantage, you’d think they would know how to properly program a trial version of their flagship software product.

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